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The Prokon Database came into existence because of a need in the industry for Potato Inspection Statistics that can be made available on a daily basis. These statistics are of great importance to any industry that is in need of information regarding potatoes. There are different types of reports available, for instance, the amount of consignments per market, main diseases and different cultivars delivered per region.

• To make use of data from a Database is invaluable for well managed and successful farming business.

• Prokon`s database makes a valuable contribution to the producers management strategy

• It enables the producer to identify any problem in an early stage/before hand.

• For the researcher the database is of great help to detect certain diseases. It also benefits the researcher to identify the spreading of pests.

• Prokon is also able to assist with the tracing of new diseases – the appearance and the areas where it occurs.

For any enquiries regarding how to obtain access to these Statistics and Information please send an e-mail to