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Product Control for Agricultural (Prokon), registered as a non-profit company under the Companies Act, No. 71 of 2008, is an independent quality assurance company that has been rendering quality inspections and other related services to stakeholders in the fresh produce industry since 1993. The company’s business strategy is primarily based on ensuring that fresh produce that reach the South African consumers comply with official quality and health standards. To attain this, it renders a quality assurance inspection service at key points that serve as links between the supplier and the buyer, e.g., fresh produce markets, distribution centres and thus retail outlets, as well as ports of entry.     

In terms of its appointment as an official assignee of the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development, a comprehensive inspection service is rendered on potatoes since 1994 and since 2017 on all other designated locally produced and imported fresh fruits and vegetables. All these inspections are carried out in accordance with the Agricultural Products Standards Act, No. 119 of 1990 and the relevant regulations. It is furthermore important to note that since 2012 Prokon has been conducting unofficial inspections under contract for various fresh produce industries and retail groups.

On 13 April 2021 Prokon received the internationally recognised ISO/IEC 17020:2012 accreditation from SANAS for the inspection of fresh produce at fresh produce markets, retail and imports in South Africa. This makes Prokon the only South African company that is internationally accredited to conduct inspections on fresh produce.


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